Goals: 1000 Crore [Start Date: 17th March, 2024]

My aim is to share my on going journey of stock market.

If I invest 1 lac rupees today and wish to generate wealth of 1000 crores by end of 10 years, where should I invest my money? I am quite positive about my goals and would want to achieve it. So I seek recommendation of stocks from my fellow stock market gurus, is there a company in stock market today, where I can invest my money and has the potential to achieve this target?

It has to be simple, which is that one stock in which you believe one should invest, which has potential to grow 100000 x in 10 years tenure? Provide some facts on the company you recommend to build a strong case.

Kindly share your views and suggestions.

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.” Source unknown.

—————————————————————————————-[my selection soon to be revealed. Based on the comments I receive on the post, I will study and provide my views on those companies as well.]

The company I have selected has a current market price of INR 0.24 / share unit as on 17th March, 2024. [I have scaled the price of the company by dividing it by 100000. This makes me believe that I have already achieved the target today. This small adjustment in mind makes it easy for me to hold on to the stock for a longer period.] Any guesses on which company I have selected and believe it can multiply 100000 times in 10 years?

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